Monday, July 28, 2008

My final gift from my husband

At first I wanted him to buy me a new label maker that used cheaper cartridges, but I soon found out that wasn't going to work because they didn't have all the symbols that my label maker has just decided to stick with the one I have for now:-)

Since Paper Imagery Designs was having a birthday sale to celebrate Lori Roberts Birthday - I decided what better way to spend my money then at a birthday sale:-) lol I bought two sheets of stamps and two collage sheets if you really want to see what they are you can click on the links to see them.

Artistic Collages

Paris 1900

Digi Fashion Women 196

Fashion Women

The Sale is going on until the July 31st if you want to take advantage of the 15% off sale -

Tim Holtz NEW Stamps $16.96 after discount

Stampington Stamps from $12.00 to $15.00 after discount

Maya Road Products from $1.70 to $6.00 after discount

and most of their VERY Popular Collage Sheets as low as $1.70 each WOW!!!!

I will be enjoying my new stamps by the end of the week I can't wait:-)


My friend Dot found this and thought it best described our lives -- Sad but true:-) lol

More on my birthday

Today I am officially 39:-) thought I'd share more of my goodies from friends and family.

My local Scrapbook Store 'Memories in Bloom' celebrates their anniversary at the same time as my birthday so I decided to take one of my birthday gifts, yep thats right it was a check - this from my dad and I thought I'd spread the wealth with MIB:-) lol below is the pictures of all my goodies -- HUGE SALE LOTS OF GOODIES

Memories in Bloom was having door prizes and thank you gifts in the bag so some of this I didn't know I had until I got home which made it an even more of a fun surprise - my daughter went with me so I ended up with two door prizes -- the purple monochromatic was my door prize which tickled me because as most of you know purple is my favorite color:-)
My girlfriends Boo and Dot took me out to dinner at O'Charley's for dinner and then we came back to the house and had a play date:-) we are always buying things for each other through the year so our birthdays we have a tendency to buy or give foolish things to each other -- the rubiks cube was from my friend Dot's workplace (she works at an insurance office) She seen it and thought of us and knew we would want to alter it -- The coffee was something I had been after my friend Boo to let me have for about a year and while packing up her shop she found it again, so it was a birhtday gift along with the Readers Digests and heart shaped book.
This is a gift from my son Joey - he bought this with his own money - he knew I wanted a Japanese Screw Punch -- well I would not spend $40 or $50 on one since I won't use it a lot so when I seen this at Wal-Mart I thought it would be great for my needs - Joey was with me when I found it - so he decided that was he would his gift to me:-)
I wanted an MP3 player so that I could listen to my audio book in the car so this was my gift from my mom -- Yep I made out like bandit:-) lol

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Birthday

Well on Monday Juley 28 I turn 39 - WOW I feel so old:-) lol

I wanted to share with you 2 gifts I got from a friend she made me a beautiful handmade rope bracelet of blue and green beads and a 4x4 canvas with a handmade beaded butterfly - I feel so special to have recevied such a beautiful gift - yes I know I keep saying gift I know I received 2 but I'm biased I LOVE MY BRACELET THE BEST:-) I will wear it as often as I can.

These are my two gifts from Halle.

My canvas will hang on the wall in my art room so that I can see it everday - in hopes that on those days that my muse is missing it will inspire me:-) lol

A while back my dad came to visit me he lives in Wichita which is where my friend Elizabeth lives and she had some things she wanted to send to me so my dad being the most wonderful dad (yes I know I am biased there to but it is true no one could have asked for a better one) he stopped by E's house on the way here to pick up the things she wanted to send my way along with everything she sent me an early birthday gift gotta take advantage of free shipping no matter in what guise:-) lol She made me a collage canvas of blue's it is the color of my living room I showed it off before but I didn't want her to feel slighted when I started sharing my gifts so please click here to go see my birthday gift from E and how I displayed it -- I had it on my wall in my living room before my dad even had his truck unloaded that evening:-)

Stay tuned for more of my birthday saga to unfold:-) lol

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hugs and Kisses 4x4

A one on one swap with another friend the theme is hugs and kisses

Woman ATC Swap

Here is my ATC for the woman swap on my ABC - Altered Book Club group -- I learned how to do the earring from craft tv weekly - I ran the wire through my paper crimper looped it and then clasped the ends in a bead and glued it to the woamn

Monday, July 14, 2008

4x4 map swap

Here is my 4x4 for the map swap on my ABC Altered Book Club

4x4 Napkin Swap

My ABC Altered Book Club yahoo group is having a napkin swap, but were not swapping napkins were doing 4x4 were the napkin is either the background or the focal point of the 4x4.


Patriotic and quote stick-ins

A friend has a patriotic and quotes altered book - I made her a few pages her books.

The first one is for her patriotic, the background is The Pledge of Allegiance. Uncle Sam can be used in either her patriotic or quotes.

Betsy Ross for patriotic

The Music background quote is "DANCING IS LIKE DREAMING WITH YOUR FEET" unknown

Chocolate 4x4's

I'm working on a chocolate 4x4 fat book as a gift for someone wanted to share some of the pages I've made for it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Postage Stamp 4x4's

I'm in a 4x4 postage stamp fat book swap - mine will be a Christmas gift - I will also be adding junk mail 4x4's in the book as well -- Haven't quite figured out what to title the book, but I suppose it will come to me:-)

The background for the Curious George 4x4's is a paint splatter, the Patriotic 4x4's are a napkin, the Statue of Liberty is the postage stamp blow up to the to be used on the 4x4, The Austrailan stamps background is a tissue box. Can't go to the store and just buy any box of tissues these days - it takes longer to choose a box of tissues now then it does to buy a new shirt:-) lol