Friday, August 10, 2007

Orlando, Florida

We went on vacation this summer to Orlando, our first real vacation and no kids:-)
We went to Universal Studio and Sea World, it was a great time I had always wanted to go to Sea World so it was a wonderful time!


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Shamu at the Believe show

Universal Studios

Mike and me at Universal Studios

Me at Sea World

After walking around Universal Studio the day before I got back to he hotel and had 5 blisters on my right foot, there was no way I could walk around Sea World this day so my husband got me a motorized cart stating that neither one of us were going to have fun if he had to push me in a wheel chair all day:-) lol

Sea Lions

These two were really quite the show offs.

Dolphin, seal and bird show

These are from the Dolphin, seal and bird show - This was probably my favorite show that day the performers were just awesome, I did not get pictures of the birds but they would set them free during the performance it was really a beautiful performance.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Altered Book Birthday card

I started working on this along time ago, I made the match box drawers and then put the book aside, I picked it up the other day added the niche and then somehow it suddenly turned into a birthday card I don't think I actually made it for anyone in particular, I guess someday someone will get a really cool birthday card:-) lol

CD Book

Quotes 2 LIVE by... I got the idea for this from Shari Carroll's book 'Layers inspired collage for paper projects with meaning' Awesome book well worth the money -- and you can buy it a lot cheaper then I did by buying a used one at This book has awesome ideas in it!

Sunday, August 5, 2007


I have found more addictions altered puzzle pieces and Mail Art there so much fun!
Both these pieces were Mail Art I sent them just as they are.
Wikipedia has an explanation of Mail Art if your interested.