Saturday, May 10, 2008

And The Winners Are???

Stepahnie Loomis and Carolyn Miller

I'll have your prizes in the mail on Monday

Congratulations Ladies

The Answer Was - 'Short Circuit' - With Steve Guttenberg and Alley Sheedy (1986)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

5th Anniversary Circle Swap and CONTEST

My ABC Altered Book Club is celebrating its 5th anniversary - this year we decided to make CD books. I'm going to host a contest, everyone has been doing them so I thought I would to:-) lol

My first CD has the phrase "#5 Is Alive" -- Who can tell me what that phrase is from - I will give you a hint giving me this answer will date you:-) lol -- I will draw two names from both my groups (ABC and PAP - PLEASE when you leave your comment tell me which group your from allthough I know most I sometimes forget who is from which group) Everyone who leaves me their answer by leaving a comment will have their name in the drawing - I'll be making my comments private so everyone has a fair chance. Contest will close May 9th at Midnight

Have Fun

More Altered Puzzles

I did these two awhile back, but wanted to share them - I used kleenex boxes as my backgrounds, it is a sad day when we can't even go to the grocery store and simply buy a box of kleenex, with out standing in the aisle and debating what we can do with the designs on the box:-) lol