Sunday, October 14, 2007

Memories Cube

This is a Memories Cube I learned to make at crafttv weekly - I'd do a tutorial but why when Tricia can do it so much better then me - I bought my cubes at Hobby Lobby - you can size yours down to 1 1/4" and get 8 blocks in a bag for $2.99 or the 1 1/2" block come in a bag of 6 so you would have to buy 2 bags. you can buy them from through craftv I didn't check the price I was in to much of hurry to make one so I went to to HL to get mine that day:-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My 'Shamu' Photo Published

Just for the fun of it I posted my picture of Shamu on an online photo contest and it is going to be published in a coffee table book "Endless Journeys" that is the prospective title - This is the second thing I have had published I had a poem published in anthology a few years back - Go see my "Shamu" photo and if you want vote on it to:-)