Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Gift From A Friend

My dad came to visit me at the beginning of April and as a favor to me he stopped by my friend Elizabeth's house to pick up some things that E wanted to send this way so she could save on postage. Elizabeth decided that she wasnted to send me an early birthday gift. She made me a wall hanging using leftover scraps all in different shades of blue which is the color of my living room, I loved it so much that I had my husband hang it my livingroom not 5 minutes after my father brought it into the house -- My husband said "I hate it" - and his reason for hating it... "IT'S NOT LONG ENOUGH" --rofl, as you can see by the large window where we hung it - he thought it would have looked even better had it been about 5 feet longer then it was. We had to remind him that it wouldn't have fit in my dads truck, Oh well short or long it looks wonderful in m living room and I LOVE IT!!!!

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